Fresh start for my skin

Fresh start for my skin

The last few weeks the skin on my face has taken such a bad route to say the least. My chin is read all the time, there is an acne like rash all over it. My checks are red and draw.

I tried all the normal acne products only to find out it is actually a type of rash. SO i wasted two months using the wrong products and spending money in the wrong place. Now i hope that i am on the right path, the dermatologist has given me three different creams and medicine for the next three months. I really hope this works because i miss having good skin.

However the problem with this medicine is that it has dried out my skin to the point where i can peel off pieces of skin. It is revolting i know but its the truth. I found my normal skin care products where not working. I was getting so frustrated. I had to do something, i couldn’t handle hating the look of my face and feeling so gross about myself and my appearance as confidence is something i already lack.

I decided to try the Neutrogen Hydro Boost skin range. I got the face cleanser, the toner and the gel. I have been using these products for about three weeks now and so far i am amazed by them. The cleanser foams up so nicely and then when washing it off my face feels like it has bad a proper clean. My skin feels fresh and it is such a nice feeling. The toner is also nice and refreshing, it also works really well as a makeup remover. The gel, oh my gosh i am in love with the gel. One hardly needs to use any products, a little cream spreads so far. And for the feeling after wards, oh wow it does feel amazing. My skin feels so hydrated and alive.  It is really hard to find good face products that work for me due to my skin being combination and now having this rash. I just hope that it feels as great and that i am as in love next month and the month after till end of time maybe.

My amazing find <—- here is the link to their website, go an check it out it really is worth every cent in my opinion. It is also then available at clicks and dischem.

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