Trying to find my purpose

Trying to find my purpose

IMG_0845Life isn’t easy and recently all I’ve wanted is for life to end. I find little reason to get up and that isn’t the life i want to live. I am slowly taking steps to find things i like and learn who i am. Here some questions i found and thought it would be good to answer them in a blog post..

  1. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
    1. I really wanted to start my own fashion brand named Fashton, i wanted to take over the fashion world and work with all the big guys.
  2. Who are you jealous of?
    1. to be honest that is such a hard question to answer. I have been so down that i am jealous of everyone. People look happy and im jealous of that because that is all i want is to be happy. One person that i am jealous of is someone i shouldn’t be. In grade 12 a girl from my class committed suicide, i was jealous that she was so brave. some days i wish it was me that had been brave enough to end it all and then some days i am grateful that i didn’t.
  3. What skills come naturally to you?
    1. baking
    2. putting clothes together
    3. making things look pretty
    4. connecting with people
    5. being emphatic
  4. What topics excite you?
    1. Fashion
    2. Makeup
    3. Vlogging
  5. How can you add value to other peoples lives and enjoy doing it?
    1. I can help children but i am not very sure if that it is something that will make me happy
    2. Helps others who are struggling by sharing my story through blogs and vlogs
  6. How can you begin to move in the direction of your dreams if you still unclear?
    1. I can start experimenting and seeing if they make me happy in anyway
    2. I can reach and see if there are courses in Fashion that i may enjoy and take it from there
  7. How can you let your truth shine more?
    1. I think this is a very important question. Ever since i was little i spent all my time trying to make other people happy and not worrying about my happiness. I need to start putting myself first. I also need to stop caring about what others think. If i want to wear heels i am going to wear heels and screw what others think.

As you can probably tell i did not find answers these questions very easy. I really find putting myself first hard and understanding what i want and how to get it are two things that scare me. I am finding this so hard and life so hard. I really want to give it all up but then i also want to grow and achieve so much.

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