Creating my “look”

Creating my “look”

One think i have always been interested in is creating an over look which represents me. I have always struggled to do this because i find that i try to hard to be like other people. I see what they have done and what to do that instead of doing what truly represents me. I decided to do a little project. For a week i will save pictures, take pictures and keep little things that i like and i think represent me. Then i will put them together and hopefully it will come up with a brand that represents the me.

The things that put a smile on my face…

DSCN5502As i was walking through the house i looked out into the front garden to see this field of purple flowers. I love how nature is so beautiful. The beauty that nature shows seems so effortless and natural. I choose this because i would like draw some of my brand and style from the beauty that nature has to offer.







DSCN5511Once again another beauty of nature. A desert rose, a plant that does not need that much attention yet always steels the show. I don’t want to demand attention.



Here is a piece that i got for my 21st birthday. They are my dad’s and step mother’s finger prints in a silver necklace that has a dog take feel too it. I love how simple it is but when  looking closer there is so much detail. I also think that it is important to remember ones roots no matter how much one changes and grows. I have also always been  a silver or rose gold girl. I would like to include simple solve statement pieces into the look i want to go for.

DSCN5515The knitting of a jersey. Again simple but elegant. This piece really portrays the elegant side of me. The simple old fashioned part of me that calls  for a classic take on things.

Its not much but it is a start. I have realised this will be a process so i won’t be writing one long post about it but rather one where i keep you up to date about new inspirations that i find.

Have a lovely day


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