Weekend getaway..

Weekend getaway..

After a week of being sick and home alone i get to go away for a long weekend. I am truly so excited to get out of the city and spend my time on things that aren’t university related and have no drama attached to them.

Friday whoop whoop.. Oh boy oh boy do i love a good Friday at the end of the week. This friday was spent shopping with my mommy and now i need to pack. This being something i either do way to much or pack way to little. This time i planned, normally i go with what i am feeling but this time i put thought in to each item..

I packed an outfit for each day, a spear outfit incase one gets dirty. Ways to make outfits warm because we are going on evening and morning game drives and then an outfit to be lazy in. Of course the basic like pjs and undies are there too. Don’t laugh i have forgotten pjs so many times. Then i packed my adidas originals because i can’t of anywhere without them, a pair of pumps and some pretty simple sandals. I felt this covered the shoes pretty well. I am a person who will shoes to go bare footed if that is possible.

The makeup side i kept simple seeing as we are going to the bush. So i just went with the basics, mascara, face and body foundation from mac and some setting powder. Just so i don’t scare away all the animals. My toiletries on the other hand are a rather large some

  • face wash
  • toner
  • cream
  • makeup remover wipes
  • pimple cream
  • eye cream
  • tooth paste
  • tooth brush
  • anti freeze hair gel
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • brush

The list does go on…. I am trying to take the best care of my skin as possible so i won’t let my routine break because i am going away..

So in the end i have three bags and my father is not that impressed. One is clothing, one is beauty and toiletries and the last is books and chargers those kinda things..


On Saturday morning we hit the road and thanks to google maps we spent a bit of time getting lost and arguing with google. In the end google was wrong. By 12 we had arrived at Mabula Private Game Lodge, coffee was defiantly of need. The house we stayed in was great, clean and the right size for us. However the kitchen was tiny and two people working in the kitchen was hard. That evening we decided to go one a game drive, it was the lion game drive which meant we went to the closed area where the lions were due to a project. This game drive however was filled with old people complaining along with a man who also could only state what was wrong. Then just to make it even better the land rover broke down and we were stuck on a boring piece of land for about an hour. By the time we got to the lion it was dark and it all felt rather rushed due to losing the time because we were stuck.

On Monday morning we went for an early morning game drive at 5;30am which was okay but i wouldn’t say it was great. I think the main thing i got from this weekend was NEVER buy a Land Rover. They breakdown, the doors don’t close and they are very uncomfortable on the dirt road..

I was hoping for this weekend to give me a little break from all the crap i have been dealing with. I didn’t get that i have come home just as tired as when i left and questioning life even more. At the end of the day if life is consumed so much with the stresses on economy and financial security why live. Oh well another life crisis to add to the others..

Happy Monday xx

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