Makeup Makeup Makeup

Makeup Makeup Makeup

Lets be real makeup is pretty pricy and being a student means that money does not flow. There are some makeup things i want and will save for and then there are some that maybe i will never get my hands on..

Urban Decay is something i have always had my eyes on and wanted. One product of theirs i have wanted for sometime now has to be their naked eyeshadow palette. It just looks so beautiful and useful. Like the kind of colours on could use daily..

The next product which i have had my eye on for sometime would have to be Benefit brows. I first of all love the way their products look and secondly they have some really amazing reviews.


Tarte concealers are something that i have seen on a lot of the makeup tutorials that i have been watching. I would enjoy trying one


MAC, anything from mac would put the biggest smile on my face. I would love anything but one thing i would really love to try is their lip liners.


The cats pyjamas eye shadows well because i love her. She makes me want to try new things


I don’t think one can ever have enough makeup. I also find it sad that there is not enough days in one life to use all the makeup out there.

Have a lovely sunday my dolls XXX

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