Disappointing products

Disappointing products


There always going to be products that let you down and here are some that i have just found did not gel with me.

First is the essence shape your face contouring palette, I was excited about this as i liked the way it looked. ( don’t buy makeup just on how it looks) However when applying it i found it to be very powdery, and hardly any pigmentation. The blush never showed up on my skin no matter how much i put on. The blush is all the way on the right of my arm and you can’t see it at all.

Next is the L.A Girl pro.concealer which is meant to help with correcting purple and blue. Now my under eyes are so blue and purple one would think i am in a constant bar fight. I was so upset when this did not work, it hardly made any difference to the colour under my eyes and then after about an hour it looked so creased. Made my under eye problem so much worse.

Next is the essence mattifying compact powder which was maybe the wrong colour for my face. It just made my face look so powdery. Not my cup of tea..

Lastly is the soft lips rose lip gloss thing. I was so upset because i enjoy the colour. Sadly it just dried my lips out way too much and did not feel nice on at all. Win some and loss some.

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