Fresh start

Fresh start

My hair has always been something that i absolutely love and adore. I love the curliness to it and the length and how it just works for me.

Of course there are days when i can’t stand my hair. Recently i have been struggling with my hair more and more. This all being my fault because 1. i haven’t given it a cut in over a year, i know how bad that is but i just wasn’t ready to fork out R600 for a trim, 2. i have been dying my hair a lot ( at home ) and i know this isn’t good for my hair but i sometimes feel it is my only way to express myself.

I decided today to give my hair a good trim, its now a lob as they say these days. A long bod.I didn’t have much choice in length as the split ends were rather extreme. I am loving how fresh and alive my hair is feeling now. I also decided to go for a bit of a fringe just to add some shape and be a little different.

Past here colours

Fresh hair cut

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