Holiday Makeup collections 2017

Holiday Makeup collections 2017


Christmas is fast approaching and here comes the holiday makeup collections. There are so many great looking sets and ideas out this year.

First one i fell totally in love with is Mac snowball collection.

Can we just appreciate this gorgeous eyelashes from the Mac snowball collection.


Next are these shade scent kits which i think are absolutely adorable and have that fairy tale princess winter feel to them


The third product i love is the Snowball eye bag smokey gold. All the perfect products get that great winter eye look.


Check out the cosmo website for more mac snowball products out these holidays

This Sephroa winter wonderland advent calendar is love at first sight. Who wouldn’t want to open up a surprise beauty item on the days leading up to christmas.  Sadly the images didnt want to save in a clear manner but check out the Sephora site for this amazing product.

Tarte Delight which Tarte sneaked out on 1 September has holiday feelings all over it. I found the packaging patterns to have a very summer feel to them which is interesting considering they are an american brand which means its winter there. However this does work for a hot south african christmas.  I love the berry red in the bottom left of the eye palette, such christmas feels to it.

Sephora has the NARS sets which give the christmas feels to. The red is super sexy and has christmas day feels all over it.


All these makeup holiday collections have me super crazy excited to start doing holiday themed makeup. Its not too soon right??


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