Sorting out my makeup

Sorting out my makeup

My makeup skills are not great let me be straight. However i do plan on changing that and i have been putting more time and effort into my makeup routine. I also am slowly building up my makeup collection but i am first making sure that i won’t be wasting my time.

Today i decided to clean out my makeup and give away or through away all the makeup that 1, does not work and 2, just sits there collecting dust. So this is the makeup which i have put in the give away bag. If you want to know why i am giving this away check out my disappointing products post.


Then i took my very unorganised makeup pile and put it into draws. I organised the draws so that it is easier to get what i want and see what i want.


So here is what my makeup storage looked like. 1, you can’t tell what eyeshadows i have you can hardly even see them. The mascara is spread all over three are in my eyeshadow container and i think one is with my brushes. My sponges and setting spray don’t even have a home. This could actually make me cry how terribly organised and treated all of this is.


I bought this four door storage container from plastic land for R140.00.


The first drawer holds my primer, foundations and concealers as well as my sponges.


The second drawer holds my face powder because it didn’t fit in the first drawer. Then i also have my very sad amount of eyeshadow. The back palette is my favourite, it has the most pigmented shimmer and shine which is fantastic and you can see i have used often. Funny story is that i got it in a magazine about 7 years ago.


Third drawer holds my mascara, eyebrow pencils and gel and then my eyeliners


The last drawer has all of my lipsticks, liquid lipsticks and gloss. It also holds my makeup setting spray.

So far i am very happy. I am really excited to fill it up with new makeup.

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