Clicks gifts

Clicks gifts

With christmas approaching we are all starting to think about what gifts to get people and who gets a gift. And of course the how much do i spend on who.. Now i would say clicks gift sets are a really nice present for many people from granny to that work partner you don’t really like but know there will be drama is they don’t get something.

These are the gift sets that i think are really nice for any of the women in your life or maybe you just want to get yourself a little something special.

If you want the gift to look really nice a expensive i would go with the sorbet gift sets because they are always really nicely packed and sorbet has a good brand name to them that girls like.


For the girl who likes to always have her nails looking great here are two sorbet nail polish set options. They are both R99.95, one is more neutral coloured and the other has a bit more of a summer colour feel to it

Then there is this Hands Down Fabulous gift ( that is the name not what i am calling it). This has a hand and nail cream, one is balancing and the other firming, it also comes with a nail brush and a R50.00 sorbet gift card. What is also nice is that it comes with a nice little bag. This is R100.00 which isn’t bad for what you are getting and it looks like more than it costs. I think this would be nice for a work gift for someone.


Then something for maybe a friend of yours who likes traveling  or someone special who you want to spoil a little more. I would go for the sorbet bon voyage gorgeous travel bag. This comes with a sorbet firming body wash and loofah sponge, 3 empty travel bottles to fill and a R75.00 sorbet voucher and then of course the travel bag. This is more pricy at R220.00 but you get worth for your money


Body shop

I adore all body shop products and incase you didn’t know you can get three for the price of two until december 25th. Any way here are some of there gift sets which i think are lovely, however they are more expensive so i would do this for someone like my mom or mother in law.

The caring hand cream trio comes in at R180.00 but i personally know how amazing these hand creams are


The shea bauble gift set is a perfect christmas themed present. This is R150.00 and comes in different options


Overall lovely gift sets

If you have a daughter or niece or someone who is around 13 and starting to play with make this set will be something that they will love. It is  R250.00 and comes with many options to play with when one is starting to create a love for makeup.


The Dove heavenly glow gift  set is very nice, the creams are lovely and feel like such a luxury on the skin. This will cost you R139.00 but is really work it. Whoever you give it to will absolutely love it.

The last two i enjoy are from So Heavenly. The one is sweet life sweetly packed gift box for R100.00. The second is the tropical escape tropical treats which look so summery and this will cost you R110.00.

What is even better at clicks right now you can buy three gift sets with the gift sticker on them and get the cheapest one free. How great is that

Happy shopping XXX


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