Go to hair products

Go to hair products

I have spent a lot of time changing up my hair. Changing the colours and cutting it and letting it grow and all and all. So with no surprise every now and then my hair feels dry and hard worked. I have found a few hair products that are my go to products when my hair feels tired and needs a lift me up.

When my hair is feeling very dry my go to masque is from Pantene. Their intensive moisture masque works wonders. You apply it after shampoo and conditioner and then leave it on for 2 minutes and then rinse it off. I use it twice a week and my hair feels hydrated and soft.


Being a student means that sometimes i am a little too tired to wash my hair every two days. In this case i use Batiste dry shampoo the clean and classic. I truly love this stuff, i spray it on my roots and work it into my hair and it almost feels as good as a wash. I will also spray some on my hair and massage it in when i want to add some volume to my rather thin hair.


My last (just for this post anyway) favourite is the Redken smooth down detangling cream. I have been using this for going on 5 years now and i find it to be very helpful when i want to let my hair go curly. I will apply this to my towel dry hair and massage in. I don’t find my hair to feel oily when using this product and i find it to make my curly less frizzy and more bouncy.



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