Products i wish i hadn’t bought

Products i wish i hadn’t bought

I get really sad and frustrated when i buy something and find that it doesnt work as well as i hoped it would or it overall just does not work. I do however enjoy trying new and different products so i guess that comes with the territory.

The first product is the Sorbet cuticle oil. It comes in this spray bottle and is meant to help with dry cuticles. Now i am sure that this product would work if perhaps the spray bottle worked better and the overall product was perhaps not so oily. I find that when praying the product it would get everywhere. My hands would get so oily and i couldn’t was them that because  would defeat the point. Overall i would say that it was a waste of money and i wouldn’t recommend it.


The second product that well i wouldn’t say it doesnt work i just don’t find it useful and it takes too long to show any results. This is the Environ B active Sebuspot, which is meant to help with removing of spots. Now i found that i had to use it on a spot for a week to make the spot go away or look less prominent. I kinda feel if i just left it for a week i would probably have the same effect. I do think the actual product feels nice on the skin but i don’t see the effects and being work the amount of money.


Lastly a product i was really disappointed with but then again feel for the price perhaps i shouldn’t be disappointed in. The essence 2 in 1 eyeliner pen, i was excited about this because it had great pigmentation in the store and the price was great. However when i used it i found that the pigmentation dried to be not very black and by the time i got to my second eye i was struggling to get product out. SO one eye would look okay and then the other would look like i had forgotten to put eyeliner on it. When there are so many good well priced eye liners out there i just really wouldn’t spend time trying to get this one to work.


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