Eyelash tricks

Eyelash tricks


I have very light lashes so when they are natural they look good natural but not very there. When i wear makeup i look like i don’t even have lashes. I look a little funny i won’t lie i do have a giggle at my self every time. Here are so tricks that i have learnt over the years that i have found have helped me look less scary.

  1. If i want a big of extra volume i will apple my regular mascara and then on top of that i will add waterproof mascara. My only down fall here is i hate trying to take water proof mascara off.
  2. When I’ve been traveling or my mascara has been in my bag i do find that it gets very clumpy. I will give it a brush off on some paper towel and then plop it back into the bottle to get some product on my brush now that the clumps have gone.
  3. To get thicker lashes i find it important to put mascara on both sides on the lashes.
  4. Applying white liner to the inner of the eye makes the black look a lot darker.
  5. Black eye liner on the top of the eyelid adds great volume to the eye and one makes the eye pop and two makes the eyelashes look thicker.

One thing i have found is i don’t believe that a mascara doesnt do what it says i just think that all lashes are unique so it won’t work the same for all lashes. We all have to find the perfect one for us.

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