Week of exams

Week of exams

I can not believe that my third year of varsity is coming to an end. In two days it will all be over. I remember the first day like it was yesterday. This has not been an easy year at all. I have found the lecturers to be very uninterested in what they are teaching and to say it nicely unprofessional. i was frustrated by this year as i felt i could have done better things with my time. However it has finally come to an end and i write my last university exams ever, fourth year does not contain exams. I am finding them to be well rather stressful as i write all three in one week. And to make it all even more stressful i only got the slides for my English exam today and its one thursday. During exams my room becomes a mess, this is because everyday has been 30 degrees celsius and my room has a fan which i really need.


On my bed i sit with my laptop, pieces of paper to scrap what I’ve learnt on, pens, crayons and way too much other stationery that i don’t even really use. I enjoy using this fine liner with a thin end and then a thicker end. There are more colours to enjoy and they don’t over shade the words. so they still easy to see.


Jenson also loves to have a nap on the pillow next to me. I get so jealous looking at him fast asleep well i am being tortured. There is also a ton of tea drinking that takes place during this time, tea is like my reward. IMG_0377


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