Benefit Part one

Benefit Part one

Now i have spent my exam week studying and procrastinating  by watching beauty guru videos. I love the unboxing videos.. That is a random side note because this post has nothing to do with exams or beauty gurus. After watching a few, probably nearly 100 now, videos i have come to be rather interested in benefit and giving them a try.

On went my PI hate and the search began, where does one get benefit in South Africa? Is it cheaper to buy it in the UK and get my cousin to bring it over? I think if all else failed in life the FBI would be lucky to have my amazing skills. I found Benefit at Red Square which is part of Edgars for those of you who don’t know.

Now from what i have watched Benefit is rather popular for their brow products. Here are three that i think are one, awesomely packaged and two would be snazzy to give a try.

The benefit Brow Zings, really that name just brings that makeup smile to my face.Now this comes in six different shades each containing a lighter and darker shade. Included is also some tweezers for those naughty hairs and tools to apply the product. Now this retails for R475.00 which is rather pricy but the reviews make it seem worth while.


The second one that has great reviews and looks awesome is the Goof Proof Brow pencil, i just have to say i am  loving the names. This also comes in six shades and retails for R355.00. It is a 12 hour waterproof formula and comes with a spoolie


The third brow product is the Precisely my brow pencil, this again comes in six shades and also retails for R355.00.


Now the cost for all these eyebrow products is rather high that i would say why not buy a set and then you can give them all a try. This way you can find what works for you. The full brows ahead retails for R525.00 and comes with

• BROWVO! conditioning primer |1.0 ml

• precisely, my brow pencil | 0.08 g

• high brow pencil


Or you could go for the bold and browtiful, i just adore that name. This retails for R525.00 and includes

• Ka-BROW! | 3.0 g

• ready, set, BROW! | 3.5 ml

• high brow pencil | 2.8 g


Benefit part two will be about their ever so loved blushes, highlighters and bronzers. Have a lovely wednesday my lovely.

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