Rather sad shopping trip

Rather sad shopping trip

Today i officially start my three month holiday which i am over the moon about as you can imagine. Three months to work on my blog, i couldnt be happier. This morning i went shopping to get my cousin some shirts for his birthday and to find myself some pants. I hate pant shopping, probably the worst thing for me.

Mall of Africa was the place i would go to as i had never been there before and the range of shops that they have is well awesome.  I was first taken a back by the lack of instructions in the parking lot, i had no clue where i was going. After finding parking and being rather glad that i parked pretty close to the shop i wanted to go to.

My first shop was H&M, i was firstly so disappointed by the shop layout. Now i have been lucky enough to go to H&M in Amsterdam and Prague and the first south african one in Sandton city. This H&M was so badly displayed, that i couldn’t find anything i wanted and it felt so stressful. Also they hardly had anything that the site displays and was rather small for such a fancy mall. I was also super upset by the pants, the size that fits me in nearly every other store did not fit me. And to make it worse the dressing rooms were so small. I did get my cousin two tops from their very small mens section.

I then walked on to the Edgars where i found two dresses i really wanted to try on but i couldn’t find the changing rooms. The signs lead you to a dead end and the staff were so unhelpful. I ended up just walking out.

I was really overall disappointed by the sizes of the shops. I went to Legit and found an awesome dress and two pairs of  pants but once again the size of the store was tiny. The size of the store in my little mall by me is probably four times bigger.

I was so looking forward to this shopping trip and was really let down when it just turned out to be disappointing.

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