Drugstore Loves

Drugstore Loves


In this modern time one does not have to spend a lot of money on makeup to get a good product. Drugstore brands are stepping up their game and making more available to everyone.

Whenever i go into a clicks or dischem i always have to see what specials there are and what new products the brands are coming out with. I love essence cosmetics as they are always well priced and more than 80% of the time the products is just fantastic. When i want to spend a little more but not to much a tend to go over to Maybelline as they are also well priced and you get a good product. Here are a few that i use everyday and i absolutely love.

Starting with the Maybelline new baby skin instant pore eraser, now this is something i saw in a youtube drugstore haul and thought i would get it a try. Since then i have been in love, the product spreads so nicely all over the skin and leaves the skin feels ready for your base.  It does take some time to get use to as it does feel a little silicon like but it works so well. This retails for R94.95


The rest are from essence but i never feel that i am getting a low end product so i really would recommend the brand.

First is the essence camouflage full coverage concealer. Now i love this because i applies so nicely to the skin and blends out really well.  This is not super full coverage but it gives a really nice natural look and makes one look more awake. This retails for around R60.00


The essence all about matt fixing compact powder is one i love because it is translucent and does not feel heavy on the skin. It also sets concealer really well. This retails for R64.00


An absolute love from essence is the lash princess mascara which does an amazing job on the eye lashes. Makes them feel long and full. I also don’t find that there is a lot of fall out from the product which is great. This retails for around R65.00

The essence keep it perfect makeup fixing spray is one i enjoy for a light coverage makeup. It feels fresh on the skin and has a nice mist spray. I am sorry but i can’t remember the price and i am struggling to find it online, i do know that it was less than R80.00


Lastly is the essence matt matt matt long-lasting lipgloss. I love this on the lips as it doesnt feel dried out and the colours they offer are fantastic.

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