Beauty wish list

Beauty wish list

Each month i have a bunch of things i would like to buy and try. I can’t just buy them all as i find this too be a waste. So i plan, look for sales and wait for the best time to get them. There are a few that i have wanted for some time but have not been able to get because they haven’t been available in south africa till now.  I am also big on saving so i often will say what would happen if i would rather save the money. This is great and all but often doesnt mean i live much but rather worry and plan.

Hair products

First is this range that i am very curious to try and see if it were to make any difference, it is rather pricy so that is why i want to read some reviews before i just go out and buy it. This is from John Frieda and is meant to help restore blonde hair that had been damaged over time.


The Maybelline fit me foundation has been one i have wanted to use for some time. I am excited to see if it is as great as everyone says it is.


Rimmel royal blush because i adore the shade that it comes in


NYX born to glow liquid illuminator which looks stunning



Caribbean tan tanning spritzer because i am so white


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