My hair fail

My hair fail

IMG_4177.JPGEver since i was in first year i have wanted to dye my hair silver, like that pretty purple silver. I got lots of different prices from different people and i just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on it.  I wanted the look like this lady has it looks so pretty and i wanted something different and new looking.

So silly me decided to do a box dye which i saw at clicks and thought it would be really awesome. BUT it failed.


It took my about two hours to do the whole process and the smell was awful. The smell lead to my nose bleeding and my eyes were so sore. In the end my hair come out blonde, like blonde golden colour. No silver grey at all.


I dont hate the colour but it was not what i was going for and i am rather disappointed in the other all outcomes. Here is a video if you care to see my hair fail. Hair fail


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