Bye buy

Bye buy

I have to admit that when it comes to removing my makeup i can be rather lazy. I don’t like to have to use like three pieces of cotton and put makeup remover on them each time. This is why i love makeup remover wipes they are my life safer.

I have been using one certain set for about three months and found that they just weren’t removing all my makeup and my skin never felt as clean afterwards. I am big on looking after my skin so i did some shopping to buy better makeup remover wipes. I decided that i would give the Nivea daily essential gentle facial cleansing wipes a try. Now they were R48.90 for 25 wipes and they said remove water proof mascara. This i found to be a total lie. I had to use two wipes a day just to get most of the makeup off and then i had to use another makeup remover to remove my mascara. Now i were very basic daily makeup nothing too heavy and i don’t use many products. I was truly disappointed by this product and won’t be spending my money on it again.


Now i am a little bit of a germ person, i don’t like the idea of things being dirty and all. So i went to clicks and bought their set of three packs of baby wipes for R49.00. Each pack of wipes containing 80 wipes. I like to keep on in my car, in my bag and then i had an extra so i put it in my bathroom cardboard for storage. So the other night i was not in the mood to struggle with the makeup wipes so i decided to give the baby wipes a try, if they safe for baby skin they have to be safe for my face. Oh wow golly me they worked amazingly. I hardly had to rub my face to get the makeup off and my skin felt so nice and clean. I would totally recommend you give these a try they are such a save on money.


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