Disappointing news

Disappointing news

About a few months ago my glands got all puffy around my neck and the doctor gave me some medication. After four weeks they had not gone down so my doctor recommended that i go to an ear noise and throat doctor. The doctor was amazing but when doing my check found that my resting heart rate was 112 beats per a minute, which isn’t great. A week later a saw a physician who sent me for a cat scan and a bunch of blood tests.

I was diagnosed with CMV which explained a lot of my symptoms. The muscle pain, fatigue, insomnia, throat pain, swollen glands and a bunch of others. I had to wear a heart monitor two weeks later which showed some results the doctor was not happy with so now i have to wait and see a cardiologist on the 27. Which means i have to wait longer. Until then i can’t get any medication.

Most times CMV isn’t treated when it is in a healthy body so the doctor says it will go away within a few months. I am going on to seven years on pain and fatigue. I feel so frustrated, people can tell me whats wrong but can’t get me solutions. I sleep maybe two hours a night due to pain and by 11 everyday i feel exhausted. I am 21 and hardly living life. It really is so hard. What makes it worse is that no one can see it so they don’t understand it.

Why don’t you get go to gym, why don’t you just sleep more and the questions go on and go.

I feel so lost and at a dead end. I don’t know what to do anymore.

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