50 facts about me

50 facts about me

  1. i am 21
  2. i live next to a dairy farm
  3. i hate mushrooms
  4. i am gluten and dairy intolerant
  5. i have had three operation before i was 18
  6. i have a major fear of crocodiles
  7. i have been to america, Italy, Amsterdam, Prague and Budapest
  8. i have been to six schools
  9. i am studying early childhood development and foundation phase education
  10. i love sushi
  11. my parents are divorced
  12. i have a step mother
  13. i have a yorkie, a german Shepard and a black cat
  14. i love animals with all my heart
  15. i get bored in movies so i normally never watch the ending
  16. i love medical dramas
  17. i drive a ford figo
  18. my family always comes first
  19. i have cmv
  20. i am an introvert
  21. i had meeting new people in social settings
  22. i did hip hop dancing for two years
  23. i have had over six concusions
  24. i have dislocated my right shoulder 12 times
  25. my favourite colour is black
  26. i au pair
  27. i sleep with a teddy nearly as long as me
  28. i am 1.5 meters tall ( or short)
  29. I grew up on a farm for a part of my life
  30. i adore pizza and pasta
  31. i love to be alone
  32. it takes me 45 minutes to get an okay winged eye look
  33. my favourite stores are clicks and dischem i could spend hours walking up and down looking at all the products
  34. i am a very indecisive person
  35. i love writing but i am terrible at english
  36. i was so bad at afrikaans in school they let me take computer studies instead
  37. i now go to an afrikaans university
  38. i love to bake
  39. i love curry
  40. when i was little i really wanted to be chines and i decorated my whole room in chines things
  41. i am not religious but i did go to a catholic high school
  42. i enjoy formula 1
  43. i was never good at sport and to this day i will still run away from the ball
  44. I love coffee so much
  45. my cats name is ebony, my yorkie is jenson (because he nose looks like a button so Jenson Button the racing driver) my other dog is tatu which means three and he lives with my mom
  46. i love my baby cousins so much i can’t even put it into words
  47. i was team edward all the way
  48. im addicted to reality tv, little women, house wives, wags etc
  49. I find the psychology behind 600lb life really interesting
  50. i battle depression everyday but don’t plan on letting it win

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