Night time routine

Night time routine

This is my night time routine which i have been doing for the last two months and i have noticed a difference. I have oily skin with dry patchers and then an acne like rash that appears from time to time. Having oily skin that is sometimes dry has made it very hard for me to find a skin care routine which i have actually enjoyed.

I was watching Laura Lee and she mentioned that for oily skin one should use a gel instead of moisturiser as it won’t have oil in it and won’t be so heavy. I did some research and found the Neutrogena hydro boost range which i have been using and loving.

To start off i always remove my makeup. I have changed recently to the clicks sensitive baby wipes, i was using makeup remover wipes but i found the baby wipes work a lot better and make my skin feel a lot less dry.


If i have been wearing a lot of makeup then what i may do is take a second wipe and put my hydro boost toner on and gentle massage that over the face as this will help remove any extra makeup

Next i will cleanse my face using the hydro boost cleanser water gel which i adore so much. My skin always feels so nice and clean after using it but it never feels harsh on my skin


Next i will put some toner in my hands and pat that very lightly onto my face. I find that buy using my hands to pat it on i get more product onto my face and it does not soak into a cotton wool roundly.


I then use the hydro boost water gel to moisturise my face, now this is something i am totally obsessed with. My skin feels so soft and alive but not oily which is just amazing


I have found that using the hydro boost range has helped to decrease the amount of oil on my face and has made makeup look less shiner over all.

Every night i like to apply an eye cream because i do have rather large bags under my eyes. I use the environ firming eye gel, i enjoy this because a little product goes a long way and it feels really nice on the eyes.


Something i do twice a week is use the neutrogena visibly clear wash and mask as a mask. I will use this after cleanser and leave it  on for about ten minutes. Then i will was it off and carry on with my night time routine. I find this does a great job to get the dirt out of my pores



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