Beauty worth the money?

Beauty worth the money?

So i was reading about these products and how they are worth the cost. Now personally i have not tried any of these so i would love to hear if you have and what you think.

NARS radiant cream concealer, now i have seen this be used by many beauty gurus but i never see that great a difference so i don’t know if i actually see this is as being worth while. If you have tried it let me know what you think


The Porefessional from benefit which i want to know is it any better than mayballines pore primer


This is one i really want to try the fit me foundation, i know it doesnt cost much but i want to know if it is really as great as they say it is??


The stila mermaid themed makeup eye shadow, now i am very curious as to how long this actually last and if it feels nice on the eyes


Sometimes i find it hard to know if these beauty gurus are all that they say. They say they are telling the truth and not being paid but sometimes i feel like it isn’t true and then i don’t know what to believe or trust.

4 thoughts on “Beauty worth the money?

  1. I’ve used the Stila liquid shadow and it’s nice but you’ve got to really love glitter. All. Over. The. Place. It’s also pretty sheer and takes some practice applying. I like them but I don’t think I $24 like them. I hear the Colourpop (Supernove) versions are just as good and much MUCH cheaper at $7!

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  2. I can highly recommend the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. It’s my favorite. If you’re interested I wrote a blog post about this foundation. I also have the Nars concealer. For me it’s a little bit too creamy. You really need the smallest amount otherwise it will be too heavy and nearly impossible to spread out.

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