Eyeshadow obsessed

Eyeshadow obsessed

Eyeshadow love

I adore eyeshadows as with them one can do so many things. One can change their appearance with the use of different colours on their eyes and it seems to simple but behind it so much has gone into it. I always have just had drugstore eyeshadows which i have always found to be rather disappointing. My step mother decided to give me some of her mac and bobbi brown eyeshadows that she does not use and i am in love.

I got three from MAC, two are green which work so well with my brown eyes. One is a dark brown which is great for blending and the eye crease. I really love how they apply and how they stay so pigmented through out the day.

Then i got two bobbi brown eye shadows which one is brown and one is brown with a purple under tone. I also adore how nice they are to use on the eye and how the colour stays for the whole day.


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