Christmas lunch

Christmas lunch

The time of bells, lights and sparkles has arrived. The time when all is covered in red, green, silver or gold is upon us. The Christmas sales have began, the specials are over flowing and the christmas themed goods are over whelming.

The non commercial side of christmas is also here, the family gatherings, the charity events, the time to show love to each other and a time for everyone to have a break.

In our family christmas is always celebrated no matter what. This year we have christmas lunches with family, friends and even co workers, it is a time to all come together and show appreciation for the year of support.

Due to my parents being divorced i tend to have an extra busy December filled with amazing food and family fun. There is the lunch with my step mothers side of the family, which always involves a funny game that has us in fits of laughter. My cousin will tell some joke that leads to tears of joy, the fathers come up with dad puns that lead to eye rolling ( but we still love them) and then the whole family puts in the time and effort to make a feast. A family lunch with them is never just a lunch but rather a five hour event of enjoyment and love.

This year my family lunch with my step mothers family took place yesterday and was no let down. We had a feast of lamb, ham, vegetables, salads, gravies and of course yummy dessert. The lunch become a conversation about the world but never one that depresses because i think we all have the same hope for South Africa to one day be a great country again. Then for the fun part a family game, this game consisted of unwrapped a glad wrapped ball filled with sweets and numbers. To make it harder one had to unwrap it with oven mitts on, which was hell of a hard. This lead to the opening of very silly presents that are saved up over the years. It was a lunch filled with love and laughed and it was the perfect way to start the christmas season.


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