essence eyeshadow review

essence eyeshadow review

The essence all about eyeshadow palette 02 nudes is a lovely palette if you are new to makeup. The eight eyeshadows range nicely from light to dark, making it great for anyone someone playing around with their blending and eye highlighting.

The price

– R89.95


– Dischem and Clicks

Overall appearance and container

  • The appearance is beautiful, it looks lovely and pretty. The font is lovely however it is not easy to read as the writing is not easy to see due to the eyeshadow colours.
  • The eyeshadows are nicely placed in the container. The container is lovely to hold in the hind, i find that it is the perfect fit for my hand. The plastic is lovely and solid so it does not feel like it will break in your hand.


  • The shadows have a very soft texture that goes on the eyes very nicely. The ones which look to have glitter in them don’t show up that much glitter when they are on the eyes. I did find the dark one to be very powdery which was disappointing.

would i recommend this product

  • For the over all cost and what one gets i would say go for it. It is not the most pigmented but it can be built up nicely and does stay on the eye through out the day. I would say yes …




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