November makeup buys

November makeup buys

November has come and gone at a pace that i could hardly keep up with. In the space of one month so much has happened in my life and i am still getting used to all the changes. Any who that is not what this post is about, this post is about some of the drugstore makeup that i bought.

Now i decided to make my own lipstick palette so that i could have a better view of the colours and due to the fact that it will take up less space. I got the essence my must have four palette and melted in my four favourite lipsticks that i use every week.



Then i got the nudes palette from essence which contains eight different eyeshadows. I do find the shades to be rather dark and the light ones need to really be built up on order to show. I was also shocked by the amount of fall out when i put my brush to the shadow. However for a drug store shadow it is nice. The packaging is pretty and easy to hold in the hand, the way the eyeshadows are placed is nice, going from dark to light, and the overall use of the palette is enjoyable.



I then got a free Catrice smoky eye palette when i bought the Glamour magazine. I have not yet used the palette but the blacks seem to be very dark which i like. There are six shadows in the palette one is white then there is a silver, dark grey, two blacks and one that is almost dark blue grey.



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