Exploring Flow

Exploring Flow

Flow is a South African communication company which helps companies with their branding, social media, editing and so much more. Flow is pink, everything at flow is pink and thats what one knows and recognises Flow from. I was lucky enough to spend a morning at Flow getting to see what the industry is about.

The company is pink, literally there is so much pink, almost so overwhelmingly pink that it is no longer overwhelming. I don’t feel like that makes sense but if you get what i mean high five.  The feel of the office is so free feeling and the people just move about but it works. There is a chill area with table tennis and that little soccer guy table game. There are different meeting areas which are available to all in the company. And of course every area holds something pink.

The people are also so fun and welcoming, i felt so welcomed into the company and really felt like i was getting a hands on experience of what goes on. I got to spend some time with the interns and see what the social media content planning side of the company is. I was able to speak to the public relations side of the business and actually understand what goes into being part of public relations.

I was honestly not expecting something so amazing and to learn so much in such a short time. I could not be more grateful for the experience.

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