National Bathtub party day

National Bathtub party day

I thought it would be fun to do a national something day every now and then to add a little fun and humour to my blog.

Today is national bathtub party day, how funny a day is that. Bathtub party day was created as a break from the usual shower and too add some luxury to life. It is a day to grad your favourite bubbles, yes i mean bath bubbles and alcoholic bubbles, and soak in the luxury of a bath.  If you plan to share your bathtub party on social media make sure to #BathtubPartyDay it..

To make your bathtub party a little more fun i found some fab bath products.

Bomb out that bath with a Lush Luxury christmas bath bomb.. Retailing for R69.50 and containing lavender and oils to make that bathtub party a relaxing fizzy time. Lush Bath Bomb


Add some bubbles with a Lush Bubble bar, you asking what is a bubble bar? Yeah i am also asking what a bubble bar is. So after some reading a bubble bar is something that is held under the running tap and bam it makes bubbles. Snazzy right..  Fidget everyday, fidget in the bath with fidget bubble bar. Retailing for R89.00 and containing lemon and lime to make that bath oh so citrus like.

Bubble Bar


Want something more traditional? Why not add some Body Shop WILD ARGAN OIL BUBBLING BATH. Soak it up in some luxury bubbles and feel renewed and ready for the next day. Retailing at R140.00 for 250ml this bubble bath will make you feel like a queen.

Bubble queen



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