Is it just a waste?

Is it just a waste?

One thing i always love about the different holidays is that along with the holidays come a bunch of holiday specific products. Easter is hot cross buns and Christmas is mince pies. However there are many different products that come out with the holidays and sometimes i wonder if they are just a waste. Food i understand you eat it and its done, but lets say a christmas themed pj set, once the holiday is gone is it not weird to wear them?

When i went to the mall today i swore that there where lots of christmas things out that i adore but wonder if they worth it.

i think this is so cute but i feel like after christmas one can’t get much wear out of it so then is it even worth it.


Some home things which are great for the month of december but than what does one do with them?

Some pretty jewellery that will just sit gathering dust for a year?

My problem is that all these things cost money and one only gets to really use them for one month. I also feel like by the next holiday there are new trends and things that people want.

Pjs are from cotton on

Jewellery is from esty

homeware is from woolworths


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