Sunday review

Sunday review


These last two weeks i have been using some hey gorgeous products. Here are my thoughts on two of them

“All made from the finest ingredients, 100% pure, natural and chemical free, Hey Gorgeous will leave your skin glowing, radiant and deliciously touchable.” ( Taken from their site) Hey gorgeous shop 

 bubblegum lip scrub


The packaging is very simple but works for this company. A basic bottle is all that is actually needed and this company knows that. The label is fun and pretty and catches the eye. The packaging also makes using the product easy and one doesnt feel like they are wasting any

The actual product

The product is like a sugar scrub that leaves the lips feeling lovely and smooth. I enjoyed this because after winter my lips feel dead and this product really gave them the bit of life that they needed.


mineral mud face and body mask


Again the packaging is simple and neat. The label suits the product so well and the draws the eye to it. The label is also very natural feeling which reflects what the brand stands for.

The actual product

The product feels rather dry but as one puts it on their skin it seems to smooth out rather well. I have only used this on my face in the problem areas and it does make my pores feel cleaner. I have really enjoyed this product and would buy it again.


7 thoughts on “Sunday review

  1. I’ve not heard of this brand before but glad I’ve came across them via your post. I love the idea of a lip scrub especially when my lips are so dry in the Winter. I’m also a sucker for face-masks so I might need to try this out.

    Holly x

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