Evening routine

Evening routine

I am first to admit that my evening routine could use some work.

After doing some reading and learning there are a few tips i have learnt and well some i already know. Skin care is so important as it is the only skin you have to live in. Here a few steps and tips  that i think are important to include in that night time routine.

  1. remove that makeup
    1. sleeping with makeup on will cause your pores to fill up with bacteria. It also won’t allow the skin to breathe, you are basically suffocating your skin. Also one wants those oils to come out so that they can be washed away and not sit on the skin for too long.
  2. cleanse the skin
    1. this is important to remove all the oil, dirt, makeup and many other bacteria on the skin.  If one uses a cleanser to remove their makeup then one should double cleanse. First use an oil based cleanser as this will help to remove makeup, then use a water based or foam cleanser to clean the skin
  3. remember to exfoliate
    1. however this is not an every night step, this is a twice a week step.
  4. toner
    1. is one that has been a yes and a no, now toner helps to balance the skin ph levels.  it also helps to prepare the skin for your next step
  5. moisturise
    1. don’t just use anyone, make sure it works for your skin or else all the other steps are a waste. if you have oily skin then go for a non oil based moisturiser or water based. this will be a lot lighter on the skin

Now this is the basics to a skincare routine there are other steps that one can add to their routine.

  1. a face mask
    1. this is also not an everyday step but it can be nice for the skin. however over use can lead to the skin becoming sensitive
  2. a serum
    1. here are some benefits of adding this to your routine
      1. they have a water consistency so they don’t lead to breakouts
      2. they add extra moisture to the skin, which is great if you spent a little too much time in the sun
      3. a serum can add some brightness to your skin
    2. some negatives
      1. using one too much can lead to a rash on the skin
      2. using two at a time can lead to real damage
      3. if one uses a heavier one, they can clog up the pores over time

2 thoughts on “Evening routine

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I love looking at people’s evening routine because they are all different. I definitely am trying to find stuff that works for me and my skin, and definitely will be looking out for the products that you mentioned in here. I love Neutrogena. Keep up the beautiful work on your blog and keep sharing your tips. I love reading them.

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