Blogmas 1

Blogmas 1

December has been crazy i won’t lie but why not have some fun and share it with the world.. 


The 14th December was a day of teas and shopping, oh and i spent three hours trying to renew a car license. Don’t worry i won’t bore you with that story. My day started with tea with my nana which was yummy and fun. Tea with nana is always a fun time, what gossip is going on among the mature people. Nana always has something to gossip about which is always entertaining. Nana also made some cupcakes which i know i shouldn’t be having but i could not help my self they looked so good and they tasted awesome.

Then i went on to have coffee with a family friend but as normal i was about two hours early so i thought what a time to do some christmas shopping. I went to the Douglasdale village where i found a great craft shop that has some really great christmas gifts that are well priced and unique. I was amazed by the variety that the shop offered and the pricing. The shop would really suit any budget.


Coffee with a friend was great, a chai coffee can make any problem seem small.


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