Style tips that make sense

Style tips that make sense

Everyone likes to look great, its a confidence boost and can make one overall feel better about the day. Here a few tips to help you achieve that boost in your everyday life. 

style tips

  1. An outfit should have balance
    1. a flowing top should be accompanied by tight paints or the other way around
  2. Only wear one statement piece at a time
    1. either earring or a necklace but never both
  3. Point shoes go well with pencil skirts
  4. Nude shoes will make your legs look longer
  5. High waisted bottoms add height
  6. Tucked in tops will also make one look taller
  7. Vertical patterns make you look taller and horizontal patterns make you look wider
  8. Same colour head to toe will elongate the silhouette
  9. Ankle straps will cut the flow of an outfit
  10. Showing off the waist can make ones figure look more flattering

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