Sunday Review

Sunday Review

We all want out lips soft and looking nice, but some times it isn’t that easy to keep them that way.

Finding a product that is nice on the lips, not too expensive and always there for your lips is not that easy.  The last two weeks i have been using the Sorbet Hydro Skin Lip Therapy.  This is meant to help with dry lips, giving them the moisture that they need. The product is meant to help the skin restore isn’t natural ability to fight off the harms of the environment around you. It claims to be an 8 hour moisturising product with Omega 3 and 6, also meant to contain vitamin A and E. Here are my thoughts on a few things.

The Packaging

The packaging looks good and feels nice to hold. It is very pleasing to the eye and the writing is easy to read which is helpful to make sure you are putting the right thing on your lips. The lid comes off easily and the part where products come out is nice to use on the lips. It is smooth on the lips and when pushing out the product it comes out very nicely.

The Product

The actual product is a white to see through gel which one squeezes out of the “bottle.” The actual product does not feel very nice on the lips, it has a very oily feeling and it does not make the lips feel very nice and smooth or moist. I did not like the product on my lips. Another problem with the product is that it melts very easily and then melts on the package. Everything then becomes oily and it is not pleasant to use anymore.

Cost and buying

Once can buy this product at any sorbet store for R55.00. I feel that this is a lot of money and one does not get their money worth.

Would I recommend this product?

I would not recommend this product at all. It is a rather pricey product and after two weeks i don’t feel or see any difference. I find this too oily and over all not worth the money.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Review

  1. Wow that is pricey! Hopefully you find something that works for you soon! I really love how straightforward and no nonsense you are about it! Xx

    Sophia | Sophia’s Sphere | 🌺

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