Buy or bye? Garnier moisture and matte

Buy or bye? Garnier moisture and matte

Oily skin calls for oil free moisturiser.


I was using the Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel which I loved so much. My skin always felt so nice and smooth and moisturized after using it but never oily. Two weeks ago when I went to get another one I was heart broken to see that Clicks was out of stock and I really needed a moisturizer. After walking up and down the skincare section for 30 minutes I decided to try something.


I found the Garnier moisture and matte for combination to oily skin. It is a daily oil free moisturizer. This moisturizer is enriched with green tea extract which has anti-oxidant properties which are meant to help with smoothing the skin and leaving it feeling matte.


The packaging

This came in a box which stated the same that is one the bottle. The over all appearance of the  product is appealing to the eye. The light green gives it the natural feel and this also links to the  green tea extracts. The feeling of the bottle is solid and nice to work with. It is easy enough to squeeze and one does not feel like they are going to squeeze out too much product and waste it.


The product

The product has a green tint to it, it has a smooth texture too it. It does not feel oily but it does feel rather heavy. I also found that it does not fully absorb into the skin, I feel that there is product left on the skin. I personally don’t find it to be a matte moisturizer.


Would I recommend this product?

This is not a product that I would recommend due to a few things. Even though it states it is oil free and meant for combination to oily skin I still feel like my skin is oily after using the product. I also felt that it doesn’t skin into the skin but just sit on the skin. I don’t think this moisturizer does what it says it should and that in its own is enough of a reason not to recommend it.


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