Skincare products i want to try in 2018

Skincare products i want to try in 2018

I have been reading a lot of beauty blogs the last few days and it has made me really want to try some new products.

I some how, don’t ask me how, have managed to get the list down to ten products in total. I decided that next year I want to give these products a try because they have such awesome reviews and sound very helpful.

  1. First has to the Clinque Take the day off cleansing balm. 125ml is R300.00 from clicks, which is R2.4 per a ml which is rather good.  This is a light weight makeup remover that dissolves the makeup, which sounds great. I always struggle to take makeup off.
    1.  medias
  2. A sonic cleansing brush, i have honestly seen this on every social media platform available. There are many different ones and i have chosen the one from Hey Gorgeous just because i like to support the brand that uses natural things in their products. This is R695.00 and comes with changeable heads, This is meant to remove more dirt from the skin which is needed in life.
  3. The Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask from body shop is another product i have seen on a lot of different platforms. The positives of this is that it helps clear the impurities which is great i need that. This is R150.00 for 100ml which is R1.5 per a ml.
    1. tea-tree-skin-clearing-clay-mask-4-640x640_cc6f8239b330965d0f93cd12fadd7fa0
  4. French Clay and Coconut Body Scrub Bliss is a body scrub which i really want to try. This is from Hey Gorgeous and is meant to help with skin imperfections which is helpful because i have a lot of marks on my legs and i have been trying so many things but nothing seems to work. SO i would love to see if this works. This is R130.00 for 200g.
    1. rench-Clay-and-Coconut-Body-Scrub-110_1024x1024
  5. Another scrub that sounds amazing is the body shop Mediterranean Sea Salt Scrub. This is meant to help get blood flow to the parts of the body. This is R340.00 for 350ml which is R.097 per a ml.
    1. WebImages_MEDITERRANEAN_SEA_SALT_SCRUB_Secrets_of_the_World_INSTWPS101_m_l_(1)_cc6f8239b330965d0f93cd12fadd7fa0
  6. Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel from Clinique is a face cream for oily skin. This helps to keep the face feeling moisturised but not dry in the non oil parts of the face. This is R270.00 for 50ml being R5.4 for 1ml.
    1. clq_6EM6_250
  7. For a pale person like me tanning is never a pleasant experience, so i want to try some self tanners. The Caribbean Tan bronzing mouse self tanner is a South African brand that looks great. It also is one that has great reviews for lasting and looking good. This costs R99.95 for 150ml at clicks.
    1. medias
  8. A hair product i have been keen to try for some time is the John Frieda Lightening Shampoo all blondes because i want to keep my hair blonde and this apparently works very well. This one can get a clicks for R115.00 for 250ml.
    1. medias
  9. Another hair product i am rather excited to try  is the Dove Nutritive Solutions Treatment Mask Nourishing oil care. This one can get from clicks at R80.95 for 200ml
    1. medias
  10. Last for this list is Skoon White wash which is meant to help keep blackheads away. R395.00 for 100ml makes it a little more pricy but the reviews are great.

Disclaimer: these are not my photos.

13 thoughts on “Skincare products i want to try in 2018

  1. Ohh I would love to try the Mediterranean Sea Salt scrub! It sounds sooo good! Just be careful with the Clarisonic, I’ve heard it can be quite rough! Xx

    Sophia | Sophia’s Sphere |


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