My #1 Hand-cream

My #1 Hand-cream

Soft hands are a must.

Summer is here in full force and my body is not enjoying it at all. My hair is dry, my face is dry and oily from sweat, my skin is dry and over all my body is just not handling summer this year. One thing i hate is when my hands feel dry and rough, it really makes me feel so uncomfortable. I have been through so many hand creams and have always found they either do nothing or leave my hands feeling oily, which i can’t stand. I can now say at 21 i have found my perfect hand cream. A product i can’t live without.


The Sorbet Sleep Rescue hand cream is my life saver. This product is just amazing, the thick cream absorbs into the skin making ones hands feel alive and renewed.  I am on my fourth bottle and i am as impressed as the first time i used it. The smell is lovely, not too strong but a smell that has a relaxing under tone to it. This product can be bought at Sorbet salons or at clicks for R35.00 for 75ml.  It is really worth it because a little product goes a long way and i find myself not putting hand cream on as many times with this one as others.


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