Sunday review. L’oreal pure clay detox wash

Sunday review. L’oreal pure clay detox wash

I have been using the Neutrogena hydro boost face wash but I didn’t feel that it was doing everything I wanted it to do. I decided I wanted to try something new and I have been seeing the L’oreal pure clay products on youtube and Instagram.


Pure clay detox wash is made for cleansing, clarifying and detoxing the skin. It has three pure clays and charcoal, each clay has a certain property made to help with skin imperfections.  It is a daily use product for evening and morning, one bottle contain 150ml and cost R99.99.


The packaging

The bottle is a nice material, it has a smooth texture to it which is lovely to hold. The packaging catches the eye and is overall very nice. My only issue with this bottle is that when it comes to getting the product out a lot comes out. Due to the product being rather liquid like and runny lots comes out when you give the bottle a little squeeze. I feel like it leads to one wasting product.


The product

The product is black which is rather weird I find but I rather like it. A little goes a long way, which is why the packaging annoys me cause I feel like I’m wasting money and product. The product becomes a little foam like when mixed with water and rubbed between your fingers, I find it goes on to the face so nicely. I find that this product really makes the face feel so clean, I have noticed that my pores are a lot cleaner after using this product.


Would I recommend this product?

Hell to the yes, I am really enjoying this product. I have been using it for two weeks and I have noticed a difference. I feel that it gets all the oil and dirt off my skin leaving it feeling clean and ready for what comes next. I think this is one that will stay in my routine until something better comes a long.

29 thoughts on “Sunday review. L’oreal pure clay detox wash

  1. I’ve never heard or seen of this product before, definitely sounds like it’s worth giving it a shot though! It’s a shame that so much of the product comes out though when you don’t need too much :/ great review though!



  2. I have been wondering about getting this for awhile but didnt know if it would be worth and I do have dry skin so I don’t know how it work for me! I think it’s a worth a try thought, great review! 💕


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