Favorite blogs of December

Favorite blogs of December

Through taking my bog seriously i have came across some amazing people

In December i decided that i wanted my blog to be more than just a hobby so I’ve been taking it seriously and really putting myself out there. Through the process of connecting on twitter and instagram i have found some amazing people with inspirational blogs that feel should get more love before the year comes to an end.

The first i came across on twitter and now i am privileged enough to be apart of a blogger chat group with her. Her name is Alice and her blog is black tulip beauty. I have been really enjoying the way she writes and engages with her followers. I also know from the chat that she is a lovely lady. I have been focusing more of her christmas posts and i honestly find them to be a lovely read. If i were you i would totally click this link and check her out ——> black tulip beauty 

Screenshot 2017-12-24 18.17.36

Another blog which i have been reading a lot of the last few says is called Bamblings of Naffy. I love her beauty section as i see the amount of effort that she puts into each post and her photos is great. Here is a link to her blog go show her some love —->> bamblings of naffy

Screenshot 2017-12-24 18.23.27.png

Megs blog i came across through our twitter chat and i am so glad that i have gotten to know her a little and read her blog. Coffee with Meg is a personal, fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog that i enjoy because i can relate to her. She writes about things that i understand and in a manner that are fun to read. I honestly feel that her blog is going places and you should go have a look —>> coffee with meg

Screenshot 2017-12-24 18.25.37.png

Nele has a blog called The Navigatio which i have fallen in love with. The layout forever catches my attention and draws me into her little world. She writes about her travels and studying overseas and honestly i am a little jealous. Even though she speaks of places i don’t know and haven’t been to i feel like she is still on my level. TO read her adventures click here —->>the navigatio

Screenshot 2017-12-24 18.28.38

The last blog for today but not for good does to Gabrielle Banner at The Fashion Faux Pas of Gabrielle. I first came to realise that i loved this chick was reading her goal for next year. They are so real and inspiring. She also has this personality that shows through in her photos that makes you want to be her friend. Go give her a look at –>>the fashion faux pas of gabrielle

Screenshot 2017-12-24 18.31.24

There are so many blogs i love and read daily, i am loving finding new blogs so please send me a link on twitter and i will have a look at your blog. Next month i will post some of my other favourites because i know of so many that should be given more attention.

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