The clicks oval blending brush set

The clicks oval blending brush set

The other day I saw that clicks came out with oval brushes and well I just had to try them out


This is a set of three oval brushes for R160.00, so they are rather cheap. The kit is meant for foundation, bronzer and highlighter.


Being a clicks product I wasn’t expecting much and I didn’t get much. A smile plastic box with the brushes in them. Nothing fancy, nothing pretty just a simple drugstore product. The actual brushes were also not the best quality, the plastic felt very soft and like it could break off at any moment. The actual brushes are rather soft but not very full feeling, I found that they separate, stick together and then leave open patches.


I have used them a few times and find them to be a total waste. The big one just absorbs all my foundation and hardly any stays on the skin. I then also tried to contour with the brushes but they just were almost to hard I think because they removed all the product and my foundation.

This product was a total waste and I would not recommend that you spend your money on them. There are brushes at the same price out there that are so much better.

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