Summer Makeup

Summer Makeup

With summer being so hot this year I have been struggling with my makeup sweating off within a few hours. It drives me insane.


I have been cutting down the amount of product that I use so that my face can breath better throughout the day and that way my makeup seems to last longer.


For my face I use the MAC Face and Body Foundation which I one I use a lot but when it comes to very hot days a do a very light layer. I find that this makes my skin look even and helps with making the shiny airs not so obvious.


For the days when my designer bag under my eyes decide to be bigger I use my Essence Camouflage concealer, a very little goes a long way and just adds a little extra cover to those bags.


I then use my blush from Estee Lauder which I am addicted to. It is just so perfect in my mind and looks flawless on the skin.


For the eyes I do a light layer of a combination of Mac and Bobbi Brown eyeshadow just to add some colour. I then coat my lashes in my woolworths three in one mascara. Just like that my face is done and hopefully wont all run off.




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