L Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask review

L Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask review

The last few month my poor face has not been having it easy but I think I might have stumbled onto a product that is kicking bad skins butt.

As you would know from an earlier review I have been using the Loreal pure clay detox wash and have been rather impressed by the results. I was however just wanting that extra kick to just push my skin into renew mode. I wasn’t sure where to go and what product to use and I must have spent maybe 40 minutes in clicks trying to decide. I saw the loreal pure clay detox mask and remembered seeing it on insta and youtube and thought well if the wash works this should to….. and boy oh boy I am impressed.


The L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask is designed to help clear out ones pores and leave the skin with a matte feel. The charcoal helps with drawing out the bad but the product is designed to not dry out the skin.


The packaging

I thought that the box was rather pretty and neat looking, nothing to write home about but pretty good looking for a drug store mask. When opening the box one comes to find folded cardboard in the top filling up the box. So the glass bottle that holds the mask is half the size of the box which I felt was rather cheeky. A very neat little glass container with an easy to open and close lead. Over all it is great packaging just a little deceiving



The product

The actual product, which is the important part, is lovely in my opinion. The masks is smooth and creamy, rather thick which makes it nice to work with. It spreads onto the skin so smoothly and evenly, there really is very little effort involved in the application. The product is dry after about 10 minutes and then it is easily removed with water or a wet face cloth. The product does not have a strong smell which is plus when you have to sit with it on your face for 10 minutes.


Price wise it feels like on is paying a lot for the amount of product that you are getting. It is R150 for 50ml. Now when reading the box it says that one should get ten masks out of it, which makes it R15.00 per a mask which is a good price. I also don’t use it as a full face masks all the time. Sometimes I’ll just put it on my bad areas and this way it also lasts longer.

 Would I recommend this product?

Of course yes. I have noticed a rather big difference in my pores and feeling of my skin. My pores are looking so much better and over all my skin is looking brighter. I have been so impressed with this that I would recommend it to everyone.

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