Facial scrub or sandpaper​??

Facial scrub or sandpaper​??

I have been testing some products from a brand called Bee Natural. This is a 100% natural and cruelty-free brand that is made in South Africa. I have been trying some of their products but today’s review is on their Gentle Face Scrub with Honey and Rose Absolute.

The Facial Scrub says that it balances out pH levels and helps to maintain an even tone. It is chemical, perfume and preservative free which I like and says that it “excellent” for sensitive skin. The scrub contains beeswax, raw honey, pollen, propolis, cold pressed avocado and sunflower oil, sugar and rose essential oils.

My experience with Bee Natural has been great until I tried this face scrub.


The packaging

One lovely thing about Bee Natural is that their packaging is simple. This is a simple glass jar with a metal lib that has the sticker on it. Nothing over the top and one knows that the packaging is not harmful to natural as all of it can be recycled or reused which once again I like.


The product

This is where I am let down with this product, I was warned but I still had some hope. The first issue I have is that it is very dry, so dry it could almost just be sugar in a bottle. Due to this product being so dry it is very painful to rub on the skin. I have tried twice and it is just too sore to use. The second issue I have is that when it is rinsed off one’s skin feels oily but in a gross way, I feel like I took some kitchen oil and rubbed it all over my face. My final issues is that it does not make my skin tone even, maybe one has to use it more often to see the results. Now it is meant to have all these wonderful things in it but all I get from it is sugar and sunflower oil.


Would I recommend this product?

No, this is not one of their products that I would recommend. They have some that I have loved but this is one that I really don’t like.

11 thoughts on “Facial scrub or sandpaper​??

  1. Too bad that you didn’t like it. I heard about Bee Natural before (I only use CF products) and I only heard good things about it. I have a very sensitive skin and this scrub sounds like it’ll hurt really bad. Thanks for the honest review!

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