New year goals

New year goals

Setting goals are the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.


I have to admit that achieving goals is something that I don’t often do. I do the ones like pass school and university but nothing else really. Every year I set goals and by March, something has happened and they all go down the hill. I used to get disappointed in myself but the last few years I haven’t even cared. This year I thought I would do things differently

Instead of setting goals I want to make life changes and create habits. So basically I am not looking at the big big picture but rather the steps that will get me to the big picture. I feel that if I do this then I may not be so overwhelmed.


  1. Mental health
    1. Spending 30 minutes a day to myself doing whatever makes me happy, watching tv, reading etc.
    2. Saying no if I don’t want to do something
    3. Saying how I feel and not bottling the feelings up inside
    4. Say something nice about myself every day
  2. Physical health
    1. Gym twice a week, but not get upset if I don’t make it
    2. Eat breakfast
  3. Blog
    1. Write two posts a week
    2. Share something on social media that will send people to my blog every second day
    3. Interact with people on social media and blog
    4. Do things that I can blog about, go to events etc.
  4. Life goals
    1. Take a photo at every event, family, friends, blog. no matter how small it is
    2. Not worry about the future
    3. Let go of things that are no in my control
    4. See my cousins once a month

For me this is not easy, some people may think that they are small things but for someone who really struggles with depression, they are rather big.

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