The highlighter that does not shine

The highlighter that does not shine

Benefit girl meets pearl highlighter where is your shine?

I am new to the world of highlighting ones face. I don’t know that much about it and I don’t own many highlighters. I got the Benefit girl meets pearl highlighter to try and I am shook, as the youtubers say, but in a bad way. This is not a cheap product and I find that it does so little.

It is a liquid pearl for the face according to the bottle, which also just throws me off. The bottle on the outside is a pretty pink/purple and there is a lovely sticker on it but this girl does not understand how she is meant to apply it to the face.



The packaging

The bottle is gorgeous I must say, the shiny pink/purple is beautiful. The overall appearance is great and what one would expect from Benefit. To get the highlighter one removes the lid,  then this is where I get lost, there is like a grid of little squares on the top. To get the product out one turns the bottom and some product comes out the grid on top. Now my question is how am I meant to put this on my face? Should I be using a beauty blender, or my finger or do I just put it straight from the bottle? This packaging and concept has me very lost.



The product

To be honest I have nothing nice to really say about this product. Yes, it does go smoothly onto the skin but that is about the only positive to it. Once it is dry there is no shine to it and it looks as if one hasn’t even applied highlighter to the face. As one can see from the pictures, which I took right after applying the product, there is next to no shine on my face. I was very disappointed by this especially because I always hear such great things about Benefit products.


Would I recommend this product?

I am going to have to give this question a hard NO. I feel one can get better highlighters at a cheaper price and even drugstore highlighters can be better. Sorry Benefit but this product is a sad disaster.



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