L’Oreal infallible mattifying base

L’Oreal infallible mattifying base

I got my hands on the now not so new L’Oreal primer which is a part of their infallible range. Having a good base to put ones foundation and makeup on is very important for two reasons. First it makes the makeup look better and second it helps protect your skin.


This product says that it is light in texture and will mattify the skin. The product says that it will lock in the shine and make the makeup last longer

The packaging

The overall look of the product is nothing special, it is, however, clean looking. The labelling clearly states what the product is. The container is however rather full that it pushes out the primer so one has to be ready to catch it.

The product

I wouldn’t say that I am overall impressed by this product. I struggle with a shiny t-zone and felt that it did not make a large difference. I do feel that it is light and goes onto the skin smoothly. I don’t find that the mattifying effect to be very impressive. I would say that the Maybelline pore eraser is much better. I will say that foundation, both drugstore and high end, goes on over this primer nicely. I wouldn’t say that I notice it makes the foundation last longer.

My over all feeling

I am not wowed by this product and I do feel that there are better out there. I wouldn’t say that it is bad but I don’t feel it does that much.



39 thoughts on “L’Oreal infallible mattifying base

  1. Ah that’s a shame it didn’t work for you where you wanted it, but personally I found this primer to be great and I use it all the time! Good dupe for the benefit POREfessional 🙂

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  2. I’m looking for a new primer and was going to purchase this, but I am sooo glad I read your review first! Lovely post, short, simple but very informative! xx


    1. Apparently important to match water-based primers with water-based foundations. This is silicone based primer, and it’s apparently pretty common to experience the sliding off of you use it with a water-based foundation

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  3. I really like how honest you are lovely, just straight up no BS haha shame it wasn’t good, I struggle with a shiny face and I’m still trying to find a good products to stop that 🙂 xx

    Sophia | Sophia’s Sphere | pearlsofsphere.blog

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  4. I haven’t tried this primer and after reading your review, I don’t think it’s going on my list. Great review. Thank you for sharing!💕💕


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