Clarens part 1

Clarens part 1

After Christmas, my family and I went to Clarens to join my dads side of the family. My aunt has the most beautiful house there that is #goals. When I was little we would go to Clarens and it would be the best adventure, my cousins and I would play in the garden and imagine these fun games up. On a Saturday morning, we would always ride to the sweet shop and buy something. I have such fond memories of my time in Clarens when I was little.

This year my cousins had other plans and two of them were not with us. But that did not stop us from enjoying the lovely little town and the great company. Clarens is a little art town that over the years has grown to become rather popular and rather big. There are little shops that sell homemade or locally made things, nice hipsters like restaurants and art galleries.

Some Clarens history

The village was founded in 1912, 106 years ago, the village was named in honour of Paul Kruger who spent his last days in exile in a village in Switzerland called Clarens. Clarens is one of many towns in the Free State but is known for having more trees than most other Free State towns.

Nowadays Clarens is known for its art and homemade goods. The square has many shops and restaurants run by the locals. I remember when we would come and the town would be very quiet but now there are tons of people and finding parking can be a mission.


Our first day

The first whole day we had in Clarens was spent looking at the wonderful shops. There was a lovely little place that sold many natural beauty products and then handmade pottery. There is an art route through the town that shows off many of the local work. The one gallery we went to was an art and wine gallery which was a little different. Everything is very unique in Clarens which makes it a great place to explore.





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