Clarens part 2

Clarens part 2

Our second day

Granny took us out for breakfast to this lovely little place called Bon Appetit which was on the quieter side of the square. A lovely little deli which sold many little things. There were cheese and butter farm the owner’s farm, some spices, teas, cakes and many other little treats. I loved having the opportunity to spend some time with my family, my cousins are great and so is my granny and uncle. I think family is so important and one should take every opportunity they get to spend some time with them


I had English Breakfast tea which came in a plunger which was very sweet and the milk came in a little milk bottle. It was these little details that made the place to enjoyable. For breakfast I had French toast with strawberries and mascarpone cheese, I was very impressed with the food




After breakfast, some more shopping was done. We came across a lovely shop called Twig which sold interior sort of things. I loved the way the shop was decorated with grass on the walls, hanging  leaves with metal jugs and over all very unique things. I think I could have spent a lot of money there.




Later that afternoon we had some lovely coffee with some friends of ours from Amsterdam. There was a cheese deli next to use that provided the most amazing cheese and meat platter that was also so well priced.



To end the day a family dinner, my first ever pokie which was amazing. Family at the end of a busy day is always lovely. I also then got lots of cuddles from the dogs which always makes me smile.

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